Re: Re:Zero

Hello big bros! Long time no see, right? I had a run-in with otaku on the bad side of a godforsaken website known as MAL, so I vowed I would never blog about anime ever again. And for awhile, I kept my promise. I logged out of WordPress and everything. But… after making it about six … More Re: Re:Zero

Con Time Prologue

Hello, oniichans! It’s been awhile, mainly because I’ve been busy slacking off here in Imouto Land. Surfing the net and playing video games takes up a lot of my time, okay? Plus I’ve been getting ready for a big convention this weekend — Sakura Con! This convention is is located in rainy Seattle and is … More Con Time Prologue

Makura no Danshi Review

Your imouto rises from the depths of oblivion with a review of… wait, what? A review of that one pillow boy anime? If you’ve never heard of Makura no Danshi, consider yourself blessed by the little sis gods. It’s twelve episodes long, with each episode being four minutes. While that may not seem long enough to impact you (especially since … More Makura no Danshi Review

Quick Announcement

Hey, sorry I haven’t posted anything lately! And to be honest, I’m probably not going to be making any more posts until Wednesday or so. A really major family tragedy just occurred, so I’m going to be gone for awhile to deal with that. Hopefully I’ll be able to post something while I’m away, since I … More Quick Announcement

Ensemble Stars Review

Hi, big bros! T-minus 2 days until I see the Love Live! School Idol Project movie. I’m very excited, which is why I’ve been playing School Idol Festival nonstop. (It paid off, though; I got an UR Rin card!) Anyway, I’d like to review this really cool game idol game called Ensemble Stars. Yes, correct, I’m reviewing … More Ensemble Stars Review